Hey everybody, I’m Jonas from CloudRail (www.cloudrail.com) and we recently launched...

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    Hey everybody, I’m Jonas from CloudRail (www.cloudrail.com) and we recently launched our Universal API to Everything. I just wanted to quickly explain you the idea and would love to get your feedback on it or discuss the technical concept. It is a free and community based tool for developers made by developers which solves the pain of integrations. To quickly summarize CloudRail: The Problem: Developers need to integrate more and more external services via APIs into their Apps. For each integration a new API has to be learned and worked with. We’ve heard from developers spending more than 50% of their development time just on integrations. We think this is the reason why so many things are not “compatible”. The Solution: A universal API for everything. The idea of CloudRail is to have one API for multiple services. How it works: A developer uses our web based configuration tool to create a custom API for his use case. In the first step he selects the services he needs. For instance Facebook, Dropbox and Philips Hue. In the next step he picks the functions which are required. For example, one function to like a page on Facebook, one to upload a file to Dropbox and one to turn on a Philips Hue. In the last step the developer integrates the CloudRail SDK into the App and can call this custom API to use all selected services. The benefits: Just one API to learn, one SDK to integrate and maintain for multiple services. Resulting in less development time and more integrated services. Our vision is a truly connected world, where everything works together. That is why we have created CloudRail and also the reason we have made it free. Best, Jonas