Grab the amazing Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro for just $110 on Cyber Monday

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    It's rare that I'm totally shocked by a product I'm sent for review, but the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro can easily be put in that category. For a company new to the headphone space, Anker has come a long way in a very short amount of time, and the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro build on everything the first generation headphones built into some of the best-sounding true wireless earbuds I've ever used.

    At $150 on a regular day, they're a bargain. At $110 for Cyber Monday, they're a steal.

    Insane sound for the price

    Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

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    Soundcore's best and most expensive true wireless earbuds are truly worthy of the "pro" moniker, offering the best sound in the category under $200. At $110, they're an amazing deal.

    $110 $150 $40 off

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    Here's why you should care: they have huge sound, enabled by two drivers that are basically cocooned together inside the bud itself to form something called "Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture". It sounds like mumbo jumbo, but what it means is that there's a dedicated driver for mid-range and bass, and another dedicated just to the high notes. That means each driver doesn't have to work quite as hard as an earbud where a single driver does everything, and it results in smoother, better-sounding music with deeper bass, accurate mids, and highs that don't sound harsh.

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    I'm rarely blindsided by a product's quality, but Soundcore's Liberty 2 Pro earbuds took me by surprise. From a sound quality perspective, you're not going to find anything close at this price. These sound closer in fidelity to the You must be registered for see links or the You must be registered for see links.

    They're not perfect — they're a little bulky, the case is awkward, call quality is tin-can bad, and they're not great if you like long walks in the rain — but if it's sound for the dollar you're looking for, these are a great fit.

    Here's the thing, though: at $110, there's no reason to even consider those other headphones. These ones have wireless charging, their battery lasts eight hours, with three more waiting in the case, and they charge via USB-C.

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    And if you're looking to add more value, the app has a customizable EQ called HearID that plays soft tones to determine the frequencies you can and can't hear. It sounds gimmicky, but it works really well, and you end up with equalization settings that are tuned to your particular hearing properties. Only Jaybird offers something similar, and I'd argue that Anker incorporates it better.

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